A unique place, symbol of the mine warfare. It’s open to the public, you can visit the outside parts freely and the galleries with a guided tour.



You do not know the history of Vauquois ? Discover the exceptional destiny of this small village of the Meuse, perched on a hill.

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A land where, for four long years, the Great War has left its scars, which marked the ground forever.

A lunar landscape, a mound cut in two by huge craters from a ditch 10 to 20 meters deep, is the sight that the American soldiers will remember when they came to free it.

How could they imagine that five years ago, a village of 168 inhabitants reared its steeples there?

Here, the position of war has given way to mine warfare. As no progress on the surface seemed possible, the occupation of the underground became a necessity. Thus began the digging of the huge network of the underground galleries of Vauquois.

 A site to visit, unique in its authenticity, still intact since 1918 studied and reclaimed by the volunteers of the “Association of the friends of Vauquois and its area” with the help of the general Council of the Meuse, the Préfecture, the French Souvenir and the municipalities of Clermont en Argonne and Vauquois.

    Upcoming events

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015

Heritage Day, open day.


Historical evocation in Vauquois, in partnership with the association Connaissance de La Meuse.