An all-volunteer “7 to 77 years-old” team is formed within the association to perform restoration or maintenance works, both on the surface and in the underground network.

Events take place every other Saturday throughout the year. 

All volunteers are welcome whatever their skills are.

Meeting at 9:30 a.m. on the parking site in front of the museum. Own picnic is to be brought.

at work
  The works team in action (coll. Amis de Vauquois).


Surface tours are free and open all year long.

Although, the visit of the museum is free, it is only open when underground guided tours are programed by the association “les Amis de Vauquois”.


Visitors who are touring the hill all by themselves must be aware that the whole hill is still the burial place for some 4,000 soldiers, whose bodies rest in unknown places. A respectful attitude is required in such circumstances.

The hill is still full of dangers including unexploded ordnance. For their own security, visitors must keep off the craters, stay in marked paths and are not allowed to enter the galleries except when attending a guided tour.

Children are to remain under the control of adults when having free access to the surface trenches and bunkers.



Almost 10,000 visitors registered for a guided tour in 2016.

The volunteer guides of the association welcome visitors on various opportunities. They will enjoy sharing their knowledge with school children and older students, people from the military, groups and families and Great War pilgrims. They will show, in addition to the surface Great War vestige, a small portion of the German underground barracks, a command post and a unique mine gallery on the French side, as well as the museum.

The duration of a guided tour is around 2 hours. Visitors are provided with a protective helmet and a torch when registering. All tours start on the car park by the museum.

A few guides are able to perform visits for English-speaking visitors.


Access to the underground network requires a minimum of physical capability which is left to the guides’ assessment. It may be unsuitable for people who are likely to suffer from claustrophobia or who have obvious reduced mobility.

Visitors are requested to wear appropriate clothing and especially shoes. Guides may not accept to risk their responsibility if visitors do not apply such basic rules.



Guided tours are programed:

  • - on the first Sunday of every month (execpt december, january and february) at 9h30 a.m ; last tour departs at 11 a.m.
  • - on May 1st and May 8th are organized each year the main opening days, from 09h30 a.m ; the last tour si to depart at 4h30 p.m.
  • - on Thursday afternoons in July and August ; only one unique tour departs at 2h00 p.m, only after booking either by telephone or by e-mail.
  • - in mid-September each year, in the frame of the European "Heritage Days", from 09h30 a.m ; the last tour is to depart at 4h30 p.m.

Out of the regular slots above mentioned, visits can be programed for groups composed of at least 10 people, on any other dates, after coordination with the association. Prior booking by phone or email is necessary.



  • Adult regular guided tour (2 to 3 hours): 5€ / person
  • Concession (children under 18, military in uniform, school visits) : 3€ / person
  • Deep galleries tours are reserved to members of the association and to adults only



Schools are welcome to register for a guide tour on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Prior coordination is required with the association, especially for the access to the underground networks: age and number of students, educational project, expected outcome from the visit …

Professors and teachers are expected to make sure their students will have a respectful and safe behavior when having access to the hill.

  A group of students from Scotland (© Amis de Vauquois)


deep visit For the most daring ones, the most comprehensive tours are offered. Given the configuration of the site (narrow passages, steep galleries), it is best to have a good enough physical condition and not to be claustrophobic. Two dates are proposed, in March and September. Reservations are required.
 A group of visitors in the power station (© Amis de Vauquois)